• IntegratedCare Services

    Move data not people.

    Integrated Care Services from TBS GB provide seamless support for clinical teams to enable care pathways to be transitioned from the hospital into the home-care environment.

  • e-HealthCentre

    A new care model.

    The e-Health Centre is a pillar of excellence in which the various services offered are enhanced by mutual synergies and the tailoring of systems to meet the specific demands of the individual users.

  • FixedPrice Solutions

    Integrated Home Care.

    ICS is a service which offers condition management software, medical devices and 24/7 customer contact and support.

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Quality of life through quality of Care

By allowing service users to fit the monitoring of their condition into their own daily routines, we are providing an environment in which their condition becomes a much less dominating aspect of their lives and one which will hopefully evolve into wellbeing monitoring over time.

True integrated care comes from allowing the service user to determine when they will see their consultant, how they will control their own records and information.

ICS will provide products and services for specific service user groups to enable a home based condition management environment.

By correct profiling of users, equipment and services can be tailored and budgeted on a daily rate basis. This will allow for greater cost controls for service providers and better quality of life for service users.

It must be remembered that ICS services are care focused, not equipment focused and as such TBS GB will provide whatever medical devices and support that an individual requires and is prescribed by that individual's care team.